Company Name :    Mercure System Corporation  
Founded :         5th July 2002  
Company Mission :    1.Proposing and Constructing for the new eras such as Mobile,B.Band and Securities.
            2.Construction for the full-life system on consulting to maintenance stage.
            3.Evidential approach for real system by collaboration basis with reliable partners.

Company Concept :   Hot Spirit, Team Net & Better Life  
Business Partners :
            ・Fujitsu Research Institute                      ・Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
            ・Hermes System Corporation                    ・Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation
              ・Fujitsu Defense Systems Engineering Limited           ・Computer HighTech Corporation
            ・Groove gear Corporation                       ・Leverages Corporation
            ・Syscom Corporation                         ・SaishunkanSystems

President & CEO :    Shosaku Inakatsu (e-mail:  
Employees :       Fifteen engineers (Increasing)  
Capital :         10 Million Yen (10,000,000.-)  
Main Bank :        Chiba Bank  
Office :           DAIICHIFURUKAWA Build. 2F, 3-8-6, Kandakaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0045, Japan
Phone:          +81-3-5256-1867 F          
acsimile:          +81-3-5256-1868